Welcome to CanConstructNZ

This programme is made possible by the support of MBIE Endeavour Fund with input from Universities of Auckland and Canterbury, BRANZ, the Construction Sector Accord and many academic and industry advisors.

About CanConstructNZ

Massey University, School of Built Environment, has been granted five years of MBIE Endeavour funding from October 2020 to research and develop a concept called CanConstructNZ.

CanConstructNZ is intended as an enduring, continually operating mechanism, for a shared understanding of the pipeline of known and potential infrastructure programmes and projects across New Zealand, compared with the capacity and capability of the construction sector to design and deliver the work.

We believe it should be a comprehensive tool, highlighting opportunities and challenges of the moment and longer time frames. We envisage that the users will be widespread, from government agencies planning programmes for the best response of the relevant market sector, to contractors or suppliers understanding forward work opportunities and shaping their enterprises to suit.

The concept is consistent with both the objectives of the Infrastructure Commission of New Zealand and the Transformation Plan of the Construction Sector Accord, especially with the ‘Enhanced construction pipeline’.