Considering Māori

CanConstructNZ is a comprehensive project aimed at achieving a delicate balance between supply and demand within New Zealand’s construction sector. This initiative addresses a multitude of factors that influence this equilibrium, including responses to unforeseen disruptions. Notably, the project demonstrates a commitment to respecting the Treaty of Waitangi, which holds paramount importance in recognising the position and heritage of the NZ Māori.

Within this context, the implications of supply and demand decisions in the construction sector extend beyond economics. The project will consider the intricate relationships between construction activities and Māori communities, culture, and land once a working model is in place. While constructing and developing are essential for the nation’s growth, the impact on Māori communities must be thoughtfully managed.

Key considerations include safeguarding culturally significant land and resources, preserving environmental integrity, and respecting the cultural heritage intertwined with construction sites. This goes beyond the bounds of the CanConstructNZ area but is one that the team will none the less be mindful. The potential for economic opportunities and job creation should be balanced with the preservation of Māori cultural practices and well-being. Collaboration with Māori communities in decision-making processes, consultation on construction projects, and efforts to enhance Māori participation in the construction sector all contribute to a holistic approach that upholds the Treaty’s principles.

Balancing the dynamics of the construction sector involves recognising and mitigating potential risks: housing affordability concerns, urbanisation’s potential disconnection from tradition, fluctuating employment opportunities, and challenges to resource management. The project also underscores the significance of maintaining the traditional economy, nurturing cultural expression, and facilitating Māori engagement in construction-related endeavours.

In conclusion, CanConstructNZ not only addresses the intricacies of supply and demand in the construction sector but also pays homage to the Treaty of Waitangi’s enduring importance. By thoughtfully navigating the implications of construction decisions on NZ Māori, the project fosters an equitable and sustainable path toward growth, while safeguarding cultural heritage, economic opportunity, and social well-being.


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Considering Māori

It will be very tricky to understand the pipeline of projects and the capacity and capability of the sector, and to make predictions of specific demand and supply inquiries. It will be even more difficult to allow for shocks and stresses that may affect either side of the equation, yet all of these are what CanConstructNZ will do.


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Publication Date: 22/08/2023