Disaster rebuild lessons from Fiji

Disaster risk reduction is one thing but rebuild and recovery are quite different and very demanding. The impact of Cyclone Winston on housing stock in Fiji in 2016 was studied in detail by Massey University, University of Philippines and Fiji National University, leading to findings that can be expected to benefit Tonga, which is dealing with post-disaster rebuild following the eruption and tsunami in 2023. This opinion piece by three experts in disaster rebuild and recovery ranges from the broad landscape of disaster impacts, through to detail observations and recommendations for processes that work best and details of construction that will last in the face of a climate of disasters. The article will be very useful to those dealing with similar issues. CanConstructNZ is concerned with stable conditions of creation and maintenance of the built environment but must also address the impacts of shocks and stresses, not only on the project pipeline, but also on the capacity and capability of the sector to deliver. This article provides clear insight into that environment.


Disaster rebuild lessons from Fiji Cover
Disaster rebuild lessons from Fiji

Cyclone Winston impacted Fiji in 2016 and housing and infrastructure studies give strong pointers for Tongan rebuild following January 2023 eruption and tsunami.


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